Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Simply stated, root canal therapy is a treatment that helps save your tooth. If you have an infected tooth, or your tooth is severely damaged, we can perform a root canal procedure to relieve your pain and save your smile. If you have any of the following symptoms, contact us as soon as possible for an appointment, where we can determine if a root canal procedure is the best for you!

6 Signs that You Might Need Root Canal Therapy

  1. Toothache/Severe Discomfort
  2. A Broken Tooth
  3. Heat sensitivity following stimulation with heat for longer than 15 seconds
  4. Cold sensitivity following stimulation with heat for longer than 15 seconds
  5. Abscess/Swollen gum-swollen gums or an abscess are usually indicative of an infection that will need a root canal.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  • Save Your Tooth! – It is our goal to save your tooth whenever possible. Tooth loss can affect the appearance of your smile, lead to jawbone deterioration, and cause shifting of your teeth. A root canal can help you avoid such lasting damage.
  • Restore Your Smile! – A missing tooth can look unattractive, but a root canal can use a crown to restore your tooth. This helps your smile look healthy and complete.
  • Alleviate Discomfort – There is nothing comfortable about a tooth infection, but a root canal can help! This simple procedure usually makes it easier to eat and drink without toothache.
  • Experienced Dentists – At Dental Specialties Northwest, we are experts at root canal therapy. You can trust that you are in great hands when you are in our dental chair!

A Simple Procedure to Save Your Tooth!

We don’t take a single tooth for granted. If you have a lingering toothache, call us at 206-682-8200! We want to help you back to comfort and health!