Osseous Surgery

What is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is designed to restore your gums to a healthier state.

Why Would I Need Osseous Surgery?

This surgery is for patients with deep pockets in their gum tissue. Those pockets become too hard to clean on your own– or even during a professional cleaning. The pockets provide a large space for bacteria to live, and can contribute to bone loss. We can close those pockets to avoid the worsening gum disease.

Benefits of Osseous Surgery

  • Avoid Tooth Loss – Osseous surgery can help avoid tooth loss. In general, it is best (and more cost-effective) to keep your natural teeth, and not extract them due to decay.
  • Treat Periodontal Disease – This surgery is effective in treating gum disease, because we remove the bacteria that is at the root of the problem.
  • Outpatient Surgery – In most cases, osseous surgery can be performed in-office, without the need for hospital stay. You can be out-and-about the same day, and continue to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest region.

How Does the Surgery Work?

  1. We fold back your gum tissue. This allows us to remove the damaging bacteria that collects there.
  2. We will smooth out the area of any damaged bones. This helps prevent bacteria from collecting there again.
  3. We reattach the gum, so that it hugs the tooth without the pockets.

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

  • Swelling – It is common to experience some swelling after surgery. Apply a cold compress over the treated area to help bring down any swelling.
  • Antibiotics – Sometimes, we may prescribe antibiotics. Please make sure you take the complete round of antibiotics–even after you feel better– so that the antibiotics work properly.
  • Post-Op Instructions – We will send you home with aftercare instructions. Please follow them carefully to allow your smile to heal.
  • Check-Up – About two weeks after surgery, we may help you schedule a follow-up visit, to make sure you are healing properly.

A Simple Surgery with Great Benefits!

At Dental Specialties Northwest, every procedure is thoroughly planned and executed with your best interest in mind. We make it a priority to keep you informed every step of the way. Want to know more about osseous surgery? Call 206-682-8200 today!